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Iggesund Mill

Iggesund Mill (including Strömsbruk Mill) in Sweden is one of the most advanced, fully integrated pulp and paperboard mills in the world.


It employs 865 people and has a capacity of 340 000 tonnes of Invercote per year. 


Invercote is a multilayered Solid Bleached Board and is manufactured from fibre of known and traceable origin and produced at a site where pulp production is integrated with the paperboard mill.

The new recovery boiler is a key step towards realising the mill’s long-term development plan-reducing the fossil carbon dioxide emissions to zero. Fundamental to this plan is to have a production process that uses renewable raw materials and a product that can be recycled both as a material and as energy. The plan also states that emissions to air and water should be global leaders in terms of purity, and that the mill should be self-sufficient in electricity and operate 100 percent on biofuel.

Iggesund Mill
Iggesund Paperboard
Norra Kartonggatan
S-825 80 Iggesund
Phone: +46 650 28 000
Fax: +46 650 28 800

Iggesund Paperboard AB Strömsbruk
Iggesund Paperboard
SE-820 72 Strömsbruk
Sweden / Sverige
Phone: +46 650 289 00
Fax: +46 650 289 30

Raw material: Softwood and hardwood pulpwood.

Process: Sulphate pulp.

Products: Solid bleached board, plastic coated

board and surplus sulphate pulp.

Brand names: Invercote
Production capacity:
 340 000  tonnes/year

Employees: 865 

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